It starts with a desire to live, experiment, explore and learn. It ends with stories that resonate through the brightest of years yet to come about in your life. What happens in between is astounding, and this is my version of it.

Spontaneity gets you to turn desire into action, and before you know it you are breaking out of your boundaries, overstepping your comfort zones and ending in an island with inhabitants not more than that of your high school. The thing you just stepped into is an underground pocket of wealth, an untapped treasure that only you can discover. It requires you to gather energy, courage, and a smile to go alongside them. Harvesting the beauty of this experiment comes down to living it, speaking it, and enjoying every moment of it. It happens when you converse with strangers in this universal language of laughter and tears. It happens when you smile for their happy stories and when you share their tears. It happens when you so silently stare at the vanishing sun and when you scream your lungs out in a karaoke bar. It happens when you say your first ‘hello and your everlasting ‘good bye’. It happens when you laugh hysterically at the chain of events that allowed for this human union to happen, and then you pause and ponder in complete serenity; was this a mere coincidence or an act of destiny?

 Consider this your travelling song, and I hope it sees you well.

Ali Tawfiq


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  1. Aya Reply

    This one’s my favorite! Reading it leaves the breeze of the mountains and the heat of the sun on my face. Itching for wanderlust!

    • atawfiq Reply

      I am glad you like it Aya. Absolutely, travel brings about unmatched joy to the inner child inside of us.

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